5 Seasonal Hair Colors for Fall & Winter

With every season change there is an exorbitant amount of articles declaring the next "it" hair color, normally with an array of celebrity inspiration photos to match, with two or three other hair color options to consider as well. Now - don't get us wrong - we love a good inspiration board, but every season shift doesn't require a massive makeover. Plus, within this hectic never-ending cycle, when is there time for our hair to recoup?

The beauty of hair, aside from growing out a pixie cut *wave your hand if you've been there!*, is that hair transformations are not dictated by time or seasons. They can happen at anytime at our free will. So if you're worried that your summer hair won't transition well into winter, we've come up with five subtle hair color changes that will enhance the hair color you're already sporting without any massive interruptions to your hair's health (aka. no bleach or double-process). That way come spring your hair will be back to its shiny, bouncy self.


Start: Beach Blonde
End: Honey Bronde

While summer is all about matching the radiance of the sun and it's youthful energy, winter is the perfect weather to emphasize contrast. Picture: honey and chestnut hues against snow. That's why this first recommendation is to take your summer blonde to warmer tones with honey lowlights that will add dimension and keep your hair low-maintenance throughout the winter.


Start: Light Brown
End: Chestnut Brown

All it takes is a shade or two darker and your entire look, hair, everything feels new again. After summer, whether you hair color is au natural or crafted,  everyone's hair is a little lighter and more sun-bleached than normal. That's why going from a neutral brown to a chestnut will infuse your locks with a rich tone while keeping it simple.


Start: Dark Brown
End: Caramel Highlights

For those of you with naturally brown hair, caramel highlights are an easy and fun way to add a pop of color that's dramatic and sophisticated. It's the perfect cozy look that will keep your tresses looking fresh and on-point all winter long, not to mention it's a great hair look that's easily dressed up.  The best part is that depending on your preference, the highlights can be finely combed throughout or incorporated as more strategic pops of color.


Start: Sandy Blonde
End: Bright Blonde

Fall and winter isn't all about going dark with your hair color. After all, some of us are blondes year round! We recommend updating your blonde color with bright highlights - with a slight focus on the hairline - to help your hair find the light and glisten like it would in the sun. Already a bright blonde? Consider some icy undertones.


Start: Medium Brown
End: Auburn

If you're looking for a change-up that's dramatic but doesn't require a double-process we recommend auburn. Red tones are the quintessential fall and winter color. It maintains a lightness in appearance while also staying true to a brunette look. This color is more easily achieved when starting with a brown base, but of course, if you're ready to dive-in to the fall spirit this color looks great on all skin tones and hair textures!

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