Protect Your Hair From Winter's Cold

The winter hair game is all about finessing the weather to your advantage. We've all heard that heat can damage hair, from the sun to hot iron tools, but cold temperatures can cause its fair amount of damage, too. The number one rule is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. That's actually the first three rules! But aside from investing in some new  shampoo and conditioner, we recommend the Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo and Conditioner from Aveda for adding a little extra moisturizing oomph, there are many other small changes you can make to protect your hair while the snow and cold winds blow outside.

Dry Your Hair Before Going Outside

This may require some extra time management depending if you shower in the morning or not. Rolling out of bed in a rush to shower and leave for work is A-OK during summer, but in the winter months going outside with wet hair will leave it at its most vulnerable and prone to breakage. There are many different variables that cause the damage from the small icicles that form on the hair strand to the friction that happens when your hair rubs against scarves, hats, and collars. Give your hair ample time to air dry and it'll thank you for it later!

Avoid Static

From wool sweaters, nylon tights, rugs, and anything with fur there are a lot of conductors in our closet and home for static electricity. Why is static more common in the winter months? Dry air! The common enemy for the majority of hair troubles in the winter. The best way to avoid static in your hair is to use a silk or satin lined hat or pillowcase, but for a DIY fix, we recommend taking a fabric softening sheet and rubbing it on your hair. It may not be the sexiest of solutions, but it'll reduce the static and its cost effective! One last tip is to put hairspray on a tissue and lightly apply it to the top of your strands. This will coat it with a protective layer without creating its usually stiff hold.

Hat Hair, No More

There are too many cute hats out there to swear them off altogether, but how do we reckon with the flat, limp hair that they create?  Step one, avoid putting your hat on when it's freshly styled. This includes things like blow drying and hot iron tools. The heat will make your hair conform easier to the shape of the hat and create that dreaded dent line. Step two,  wear fewer products in your hair if you know that you'll being wearing your hat on and off all-day. Products naturally weigh down hair and will help keep it flat after taking off your hat. Step three, invest in Aveda's magical dry shampoo. When you take off your hat, apply this light powder to your hair and tussle it around. The product will give your strands the lift they need and it will look freshly styled.

Use A Humidifier

It's cold outside, but with the heat on in our homes the air becomes dry like the desert. The best way to counteract the dry air is to add a humidifier to your home. It'll reinfuse the air with moisture and will not only help your hair lock in its essential water and oils, but it'll also help with dry skin. Adding humidity is also a great way to reduce static and frizz. It's a win-win!

Double-Up On Vitamin C  & Omega-3

Not many people associate diet with healthy hair, but there's a lot you can do for your strands from the inside out. The antioxidants in Vitamin C helps strengthen your hair so even when the cold hair is working against you in terms of breakage you'll have that extra element of strength. For Vitamin C, add citrus fruits and dark greens to your meals. Another way to protect you hair via food is doubling up on Omega-3s. Our body doesn't naturally produce Omega-3s so eating foods like salmon, avocado, and nuts, will help your hair grow and keep its shine among many other health benefits.


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