The "Glass Hair" Trend And How To Achieve It

This September is all about hair shine. The funny thing about the hair industry is that most trends are reactions to the trends that came before them. It was impossible to ignore (and why would you want to!) the bob/lob craze that took over this summer. Celebrities from Selena Gomez and JLo to your best friend rocked the sleek, straight-edge of their geometric cuts, and of course the trend couldn't stop there. Enter: "glass hair," the latest trend that is taking Instagram and celebrity glam teams by storm. This lux-look, most commonly coupled with short haircuts, is a bit tricky to recreate at home, but what is hair without a challenge? We broke this look down into five key points of focus. Shine Treatment. Fresh Cut. Simple Shampoo. Flat Iron. Be Brilliant.

1. Aveda Hair Color Shine Service

This salon treatment, available at both our salon locations, is a quick way to infuse your hair with an intense shine that will last you for months. The best part is that this treatment can be applied as a clear gloss (in the case you don't need a new color treatment!) or as a semi-permanent color. The clear gloss takes a quick 5-20 minutes and before you leave the salon you'll be that much closer to achieving that reflective, pristine shine. Right now, receive our intro offer, $20 off your intro shine service!

2. Dull Hair No More

Before thinking about what tools and products to apply for the extra shine - it's important to note that healthy hair has a natural shine to it. The duller the strands, the more damage there is. Split ends are a huge culprit to a lackluster sheen and we don't want anything to get in the way of you and your new "glass hair" look!  It's always a good idea to start with a clean slate, so if you're ready to part with an inch or two, book an appointment, and the end result of your "glass hair" will be that much more dramatic and eye-catching.

3.  Simple Shampoo

Product build-up is another cause of dull hair and before putting the time and energy into flat ironing , it's best to cleanse the build-up. What's the best way to do this? Aveda suggests using, "Pramasāna Scalp Cleanser first to give your scalp a good cleansing. Then, follow up with Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo, which cleanses both product buildup and pollution from the hair, or opt for Brilliant shampoo to deeply cleanse."

After you soap-up and  get rid of any film that was coating your hair, feel free to blow dry or air dry. For a smoother finish, we recommend using a brush and use a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle. Want to reduce damage? Let it air dry, but don't forget to brush your hair straight after the shower and avoid touching it to reduce frizz and to keep the strands from coiling.

4. Flatiron

Now time to apply the heat! Don't immediately crank the temperature to the highest degree - but start at a lower temperature and slowly kick it up as needed. This will save you from some unneeded breakage. The safe zone for flat ironing your  hair with the least amount of damage is around 300-350 degrees, and it's a myth that coarser hair needs higher temperatures. They don't!

5. Be Brilliant

The entire Be Brilliant line will be your best friend if this "glass hair" look becomes your new go-to.  It's Aveda's premier line of products that focuses on smoothing and shine. From shampoo and conditioner to the perfect finishing products for bone straight hair like Spray-On Shine or Emollient Finishing Gloss that will top off your look.

Feeling inspired? Don't forget to document the process and tag us in your photos @parlorbeautyofficial