How To Customize Your Beauty Routine On A Budget

Whether your beauty routine is thoroughly curated or a simple and sweet regimen, optimizing any budget is a savvy thing to do. Like most things in life, a great beauty routine requires balance. There's a time and a place to splurge on those must-have products and then there's those other times...when substituting one product for another is a great way to declutter that overflowing product bin in your bathroom (we all have them!).

The key to not breaking the bank while creating your "best life" beauty routine is investing in products and tools that multitask. There are endless products out there, and our Aveda products lead the pack, that are more than what meets the eye! In need of a one-time bright eyeshadow? Our first budget-saving tip is that Aveda lipsticks can double as eyeshadows. It's as simple as dapping some of that beautiful hue onto your fingertips and then blotting the color onto your eyelid. The new Feed My Lips lipstick collection by Aveda is a fun palette that easily goes from lipstick to eyeshadow when in a pinch. Hacks like these can elevate your beauty game tenfold. Here are a few other options to save money on products without compromising the quality of your beauty regimen.

1. Buy Litres

Buying in bulk is the quintessential money-savers cardinal rule! Why not apply it to hair products? Shampoo and conditioner are the foundation of every hair care practice. It's not a matter of "if" you'll use the products, just when, and that's what makes it a great money-saving option. Not to mention,  buying litres is environmentally friendly, too. Our biggest tip is consulting with your Parlor hair stylist when going for that investment purchase. They'll direct you to a shampoo and conditioner that will suit your unique hair type for the long haul.

2. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo, if not already a part of your weekly routine, will change how you breathe, live, and care for your hair. It's THAT good. In general, the average person washes their hair too often and strips it of its natural occurring oils (also known as "grease"), which keeps hair healthy and growing to its fullest potential.

The beauty of reducing your "shampoo days" per week is that you're also reducing product consumption. This will stretch the life span of your products and ultimately will lead you to saving a few shiny pennies.  In the case that embracing second-day hair puts you on edge, dry shampoo is a great investment. It'll cut the grease and leave you feeling as if you just hopped out of a glistening shower.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 12.32.37 PM.png

3. Repack Your Broken Blush, Eyeshadow, and Bronzer

 This hack is for those "uh-oh" moments when your compact is knocked off the bathroom sink. It's easy to throw in the towel and succumb to purchasing a new kit. But first, try this. Remove the broken pieces of blush and mix the makeup with three to four drops of rubbing alcohol. Stir until the makeup turns into a paste. Repack the paste into the compact and wait for it to dry. Waalah! It should be as good as new.

4. Bring Your Perfume Everywhere

Perfume is expensive, and after making that big purchase, it's difficult to carry the bottle  (no matter how great it smells!) all over the city. Of course, there are travel-size perfume bottles, but that's another dollar spent. Insert *cute and reusable glass roll-on perfume bottles*.  These Vivaplex 10ml glass bottles can be filled with any perfume or essential oil under the sun and they're completely customizable. That way you get to use the product you bought, anywhere you like. 


5. Go Mini

When it comes to hair products, it takes time and patience to find the right remedies to your unique hair type. Depending on your personal hair challenges (i.e. dryness, lack of volume, hair loss, etc.) there are various products to test out. It's easy to fall into the "standard size category," which for Aveda, is 8.5 fl. oz. When on a budget, we say, don't limit your beauty routine, just go mini (i.e. travel size products, 1.7-3 fl. oz) for your special-care product purchases.

6. The Wonderful World of Vasaline

Here us out! We are putting to rest the myth that Vasaline improves eyebrow growth. It doesn't.  But why do people continue to dab their brows with this multitasking man-made wonder? It's great for grooming and highlighting! Beware, a little goes a long ways, but adding Vasaline to your eyebrows can help keep them in place and add a little sheen to your look.

7.  Mascara As Eyeliner

There are various reasons why having a separate eyeliner and mascara is more convenient and easier to apply, but it's also known that mascara can substitute your missing, broken, or not-yet-replaced eyeliner. Use a small makeup brush to dip into the mascara formula and then apply it to your lid. It's simple and sweet, and with Aveda's "Mosscara" you'll be looking fierce while supporting plant-based makeup.