Our Travel Hair Guide

Photo Via  Cup of Jo

Photo Via Cup of Jo

Summer is the season of vacation, but come fall the traveling doesn’t end, think of the business travels, family visits, and the many day trips that lie ahead, and if you’ve ever been on a plane, train, or a long car ride, you’ve likely experienced the difficulty of keeping your hair styled and fresh through it all. The key to our travel hair guide is finding the solution that best suits you, whether it’s learning a new, quick up-do that doesn’t require a mirror, or honing in on the best products that give your hair that extra lift it needs. Time is always of the essence.

The trick of hair-care while traveling is picking your essential tools, honing styling tricks, and having the mindset that simple and chic sometimes is the best way to go. Here are some of our favorite traveling tips:

1) Dry Shampoo

Whether it’s a 17-hour flight or a day on the road, hair oils can build up fast. Dry shampoo works to absorb excess oils and avoids the dreaded greasy-hair look. This travel size is perfect for any carry-on or travel bag.

2) Ponytail Twist

Up-dos are a great way think about your hair once and not have to think about it again until the days end. One of our personal favorites is the ponytail twist. This low pony makes it easy to find comfort with headrests and gives an effortless, chic vibe with the wrapped hair detail. (See photo above!)

3) Classic Braid

We’ve all been there. That early morning wake up call, where after taking a shower, finishing some last-minute packing, and running out the door to catch your flight, there’s no time left to spend on your hair. It’ll likely have to air dry, which is great for reducing heat damage, but not always the look you’re going for.

The solution? Braids. While in the taxi, on the train, or wherever your travels take you, braids are great to keep your hair secured and out of your face all day. If you’d prefer your hair down, braid your hair just for the first three hours after showering and enjoy some waves.

Photo via  @aveda

Photo via @aveda

4) Bobby Pins Are Your Best Friend

Bobby pins are the ultimate “in a pinch” styling tool. They’re great for securing loose ends or securing your travel updo so it could survive a windstorm. They’re also one of the easiest items to forget to pack! Make sure to include it on your travel checklist!

5) Chakra Spray

Having a great hair day isn’t only about appearance, but also feeling fresh and clean. Aveda’s chakra spray is a great finishing touch to refresh and balance your heart chakra after a hectic day of travel.