A Tour of Short Hair Inspiration

When it comes to hair, among many things in life, it can be difficult to know what you want until you see it! Do you want short hair? That depends on how one defines short. Do you want a high-maintenance cut? Not necessarily, but your inspiration board may tell a different story. Generally speaking though, most of us know if we want an above-the-shoulder cut or if we want to keep the inches growing.

That being said, we curated a list of ten above-the-shoulder looks all colored, cut, and styled by our beauty team to give you some ideas for your next hair decision.

The Long Shag (Think Alexa Chung)

hair by @ curlycosiqueen
hair by @ curlycosiqueen

Tapered Pixie

hair by  @s.bryzow

hair by @s.bryzow

The beauty of a tapered pixie is that the long front layers still allow you to add texture and play with different styles on the daily. The length on the side of the pixie can vary, but we’re really loving this luxe rock-n-roll look by Bryzow!

The Tousled Pixie (Great To Play w/ Volume)

Short, Defined Curls

hair by  @slbkny

hair by @slbkny

The key to nailing a short haircut with curls is making sure you have the perfect products to undercut the frizz and keep the locks defined. We love the bounce to a short, curly cut!

The Lob…Great For Low Maintenance!

hair by  @locuraroja33
hair by  @locuraroja33

Traditional Bob

hair by @ lizzybunnytail

The classic bob is always a statement piece. Stylist Liz Taille gave the ends of this cut a little curl that helps frame the face and give the hair more volume!

The Pompadour

hair by  @torres6555

hair by @torres6555

hair by  @torres6555

hair by @torres6555

Short, Piecey Pixie

hair by  @shirleyhagel

There’s little room for doubt when going for a short pixie, but the plunge is well worth it! To maintain a haircut this length, it’s recommended that you visit the salon every 4 weeks for a trim. The piecey layers in the front can be defined like the one styled here or can also be cut to blend in more, depending on your preference!

The Undercut

Micro Bob

The micro bob is an edgier take on a classic. It’s a perfect fit for curly and straight hair alike and is great to be paired with fringe to help balance out the length and face-framing.