Skincare Is Having A Cultural Moment

There are some trends that stick around longer than expected. They surpass their six month shelf-life, and then after another few months, the style that once was considered a trend becomes a cultural moment, something that transforms the beauty and fashion scene. Let’s think back for a moment, circa ‘o4 when Laguna Beach aired on television, and Lauren Conrad, ushered in the era of beach waves, UGG boots, and seasonal coffee drinks. What a “moment” that was!

Now, as the “no makeup” makeup trend continues, a new cultural moment is abound, one filled with dewy cheeks, lots of highlighter, and eco-conscious beauty brands. We’ve always loved the au natural look at Parlor, and we’ve used Aveda products since the beginning. The #avedaway is a natural way, and so it only felt right to dedicate some time to creating a makeup and hair how-to guide to achieve the effortless, eco-friendly look of the new beauty generation. Here are some of our tips.

  1. Skincare is the main thing! Healthy skin is everything, and so instead of covering blemishes with layers of foundation, the aim is to reduce the number of blemishes in the first place. Of course, blemishes aren’t 100% avoidable, but a good start is to invest in a dry brush to exfoliate. Brushing away dead skin cells helps our pores breathe better and that’s always a good first step to reducing blemishes.

  2. It’s important to start to understand the ingredients in your skincare, and their benefits! We love this guide that pinpoints some key ingredients to search for in your skincare products, which are healthy and for the most part organic. One of our personal favorites is the new-to-the-US ingredient, GFF (Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate), which is a fermented yeast that does wonders for helping your skin build a strong and clear complexion. GFF has been used for years in Korean skincare, and we’re just catching on now!

  3. Adding a touch of rosy cheeks will never go out of style. This time though, skip the blush, and pat on your favorite hue of red, pink, or orange lipstick. The pigmentation will pack a stronger punch, and contrasted to your minimal eye makeup (we like a light mascara only) will make your appear wind swept and energized.

  4. Like we mentioned above, but it needs emphasis, go easy on the eyes (literally!). Who doesn’t love a good cat eye? But the fresh-face aesthetic is only achieved when you look like you rolled out of bed, drank five glasses of water (which is always a good habit to get into), and threw on your clothes. Aveda has a really simple and sweet mascara that’d we recommend 10x over.

  5. Okay, so now you have most of your bases covered. Healthy and cared for skin, a pinch of color on your cheeks, and natural looking, long lashes. What’s the last piece to the puzzle? That dewy glow. Aveda’s inner light™ mineral tinted moisture will do the trick. If you’d like to add a dewy lip, too, the age old classic, Carmex, is making a comeback.

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