Stylist Spotlight: Shirley Hagel And Your New Favorite Podcast About "All The Things"

We love the sense of energy that the New Year brings! From resolution lists to a renewed sense of spirit to tackle creative projects and reflect on the upcoming year's goals, the New Year is a time to recenter, rethink, and get inspired!

Lucky us, we are inspired daily by our team of talented and creative stylists! Outside of the salon, their busy schedules are filled with artistic undertakings from styling hair for editorial photoshoots to pursuing creative projects in other mediums. This month, as we ring the New Year in, we want to spotlight one of our Advanced Creative Stylists, Shirley Hagel who, in addition to bringing an abundance of laughter to the salon, has recently launched her podcast All The Things With Shirley Hagel. (sidenote: it's amazing!)

Imagine every week being able to sit down with your best friend and hash out the big and nitty gritty details of everyday life while simultaneously reflecting on the balance of health, diet, and the endless seeking of new and challenging creative outlets and projects. That's Shirley's show in a nutshell! It's the perfect blend of meaningful banter and exploring how to strike a sense of balance in a life that's always changing. We asked Shirley a few questions about her podcast, how she got started, her advice to new podcasters, and we found it to be the perfect inspiration to step into the New Year!

Parlor: What inspired you to start a podcast? Why now?

Shirley: I needed something to work on that was totally my own. There has always been this entrepreneur inside of me. I tried doing freelance hair, but ultimately that wasn’t meant to be. Parlor is EXACTLY where I need to be for my hair career but there’s always been this thing in me that wants to create something that’s mine. A podcast felt right, I feel like I have a lot to say. And I love to talk and listen. The final push was when I was a guest on a clients/friends podcast.

Parlor: Totally! It's great to see a project through from its infancy to a fully formed idea. I also feel like that's what the New Year is all about! What topics do you cover and why? Is there an overarching theme? Tell us all the details!

Shirley: It’s called All The Things With Shirley Hagel  because I’m passionate about a lot and I want to talk about it all. I say this: we are going to talk about life through the eyes of a hairstylist that’s passionate about health and running. Then we look closer at all of those things: hair, being a hairstylist, plant-based nutrition, running, living in New York. [The show is] also a bit autobiographical. I tell my story through topics I enjoy talking about.

Parlor: Life balance is a big topic of discussion the last few years, especially with on the topic of self-care. What do you hope listeners get out of the show? 

 Shirley: I want listeners to be inspired. I want them to be inspired to be healthier, inspired to chase a dream. I want to share things I’ve  learned, lessons I learned. My audience is anyone that wants to grow, learn, and laugh with me.

Parlor: Laughing is so important! There's so much serious news coming at us through every outlet. It's great that you've created a space to talk about balance and leading a life of passion and creativity! Do you ever have guest speakers?

Shirley: I do have guests on! I have a lot of people in my life that are doing cool things and inspire me and I want to share them with my listeners!

Parlor: How do you find time for your passions outside of hair? How long does it take you to record an episode?

Shirley: People ask me that a lot, how do you find time?  I enjoy creating this podcast, so the time is totally there! It takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to record. I generally record in one shot. I like to keep it pretty real so it’s not an overly edited show.

Parlor: That's so true. "Finding time" is really about "making time." How do you go about planning an episode? Do you get an idea weeks in advance or do you like to adapt to what's happening around you? 

Shirley: I do a little of both. I have a notebook that I write ideas in, I take it with me everywhere. I jot ideas and things down all the time.  When I first started, my best friend and I sat down and made a list of all the topics I want to talk about and all the people I want to talk to. Then there are lists under every broad topic. Sometimes the [show] idea comes from the people I want to talk to. For example, I knew I wanted to talk to a dear old friend and co-worker of mine from a salon I worked  in Florida because she is someone that inspires me. So we scheduled a time and then the topic inspiration came naturally.

Or another example, I knew I wanted to have my mom on, cause she’s awesome and has a different perspective than me and she’s my mom so she can shed light on some of my journey in a way I can’t. We scheduled a time to chat and then the topics were born. But then sometimes it’s what’s going on in my life that inspires an episode, for example the marathon. When I finished the marathon there was a lot I wanted to share. Once I have time to record, I make an outline. I outline questions I want to ask the person, or if it’s just me, I outline things I want to cover.

Parlor: Do you have a favorite episode? 

Shirley: Hmmm a favorite episode, my favorites are the ones that I have a guest on with me. I think I do well when I can go back and forth with someone and all my guests are special people to me so I love hearing what they have to share! Another favorite part [of creating the show] is improving [on it.] I’ve never done this before so I’m learning as I go and I decided to start sharing it immediately so my listeners could grow with me and so far I do feel like I improve with each episode.

Parlor: So cool! Is a lot of the content about leading a balanced lifestyle? 

Shirley: Totally. That’s my forever goal, finding balance.

Parlor: To someone who wants to start their own podcast, what advice do you give?

 Shirley: I record and create my podcast on a hosting site called Anchor! I highly recommend it! It’s an awesome resource and they have lots of resources. Get yourself a good mic and headphones, join Anchor, and start recording! It’s easier than ever to start a podcast, and if you have something to say there is definitely someone that needs to hear it!