The Recipe To Waking Up Energized


If only there was a fool proof way to eliminate the morning dreariness, caffeine fixes, and “snooze” buttons. If we could all wake up feeling energized, then we could stop hailing coffee as liquid gold and cash in on feeling motivated, healthy, and well rested! That sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Even for those of us who are true night owls, with an average sleep time of 2:30am or later (via CNBC), the morning grind looks like it’s here to stay, and it’s time to learn some tips and tricks on how to ease the burden of early mornings and start embracing them.

1. No Blinds; Wake Up To Sunshine

Blackout curtains have a beauty about them when trying to fall asleep midday, but they’re not necessary if you’re falling asleep and waking up with the sun. In fact, having blinds that work too well can throw off your body’s natural sleep schedule. Our suggestion? For one week, open the shades when you go to bed so the morning sun can shine bright into you room. You’re body will wake up gradually with the natural light and this gradual awakening will leave you feeling more well-rested and ready to go for the day as compared to the alternative, jerk reaction your alarm creates. You won’t even have to think about hitting the snooze button!

2. Find Your Circadian Rhythm

Your Circadian Rhythm is your energy cycle. No matter how hard anyone tries to stay perfectly energized throughout the day, energy levels are made to fluctuate. Everyone’s internal clock is a little different. It’s common to feel a dip in energy after lunch, but dips in energy can happen at any point throughout the day. If you’re curious on how to maximize your energy, sleep experts say that taking note of your bodies natural energy pattern will allow you to plan ahead when organizing high energy activities and R&R time. Don’t beat yourself up if you energy is low for a few hours, it’ll spring back!

3. Citrus Breakfast

The most common citrus source when it comes to morning routines is lemon water, though all forms of citrus are a great way to boost energy levels in the morning. Citrus reduces the stress hormone norepinephrine. If you find yourself waking up and immediately worrying about your hectic day ahead, that can play a part in tiredness and lethargy. Citrus helps combat your stress and even increase your levels of serotonin, the happy hormone. Citrus is also great for stomach health and keeping your immune system intact - it’s a win, win.

4. Establish A Routine

Don’t overthink it! When people talk about routines, it can feel like a loaded topic. Inherently, routines are made to be broken because life is messy and never runs on a perfect schedule. That being said, routines are a way to feel motivated and start the day with intention. Most people have some kind of routine even if it’s not intentional. It can be as small as reading a short poem every morning or sitting on the couch to drink tea.

5. Hydrate First Thing

Staying hydrated is an easy thing to say, but sometimes a hard thing to do. Imagine a glass of water as the alarm clock for your body while your actual alarm clock wakes up your mind. One glass of water every morning kick starts a healthy flow of oxygen through your body, which keeps you alert and awake.

6. No Snooze Button

We can totally empathize with not wanting to get out of a warm, cozy bed, but the antithesis to an energized morning is the snooze button. We promise! The shut eye you’re seaking between alarms isn’t helping your long-term energy levels. The number one tip we can give is don’t plan on using your snooze button. Set your alarm clock to the actual time you want to get out of bed, so hitting snooze isn’t an option and you truly maximize your sleep time.

7. Make Your Bed

Complete this first small task everyday and it will set you up feeling accomplished and ready to take on more. What’s better at making you feel energized than motivation?