5 Fringe Styles To Try This Year

Cover Hair by Alissa

Because the greater part of the the early and mid 2010s was filled with people growing out their fringe, then it only makes sense that now, years later, the idea of that satisfying, big chop is back. Fringe has a long and spiraling history. Like all classics, it never goes out of style, but its popularity ebbs and flows.

From the feathery, wispy bangs to the blunt, micro cuts, there are endless renditions, which makes the decision on what type of fringe to embark on that much harder. No matter what you settle on, know that with a skilled stylist, it can all be tailored to fit your face shape, style, and haircare routine, no problem.

For inspiration, we’ve collected a few of our favorite fringe looks crafted by our stylists:

Wispy Bangs

Shaggy and chic. Ease into fringe with this minimal upkeep style. Wispy bangs are perfect if you like to mix up your style day-to-day. They can be worn straight across the forehead or push them to the side to achieve a different look. The long layers and face-framing hair pieces make it easy to grow out.

hair by  Alex

hair by Alex

Micro Bangs

The ultimate edgy bang cut is micro bangs (aka baby bangs!). These bangs sit an inch or two about your brow line and are cut in a choppy manner, creating plenty of texture and style. The shorter the bang, the higher the maintenance. This look requires a bang trim every two weeks, unless you don’t mind growing them out in between haircuts.

hair by  Liz

hair by Liz

Curtain Fringe

The key to curtain fringe is the center part. For the last few years, the lob has taken over as the cool-girl haircut. Curtain fringe is the perfect way to update that look. The best part about curtain fringe is its long layers that seamlessly blend in with the rest of the hair. This type of bang fits well with longer hair, too.

hair by  Alex

hair by Alex

Blunt Fringe

The ever so bold, long and thick blunt fringe. This style of bang may take the most commitment, but when done right, is a fun and dramatic way to change your overall appearance and style. If you’d like to have a fuller bang, but want to add more airiness to the cut, ask your stylist to make the bangs choppy at the center. This will bring more flow to the bangs while still sporting the blunt bangs look.

hair by  Shirley

hair by Shirley

Side Bangs

As we all remember, side bangs were extremely popular circa 2000-2005, and this year, they’re making a come back. The effortless bangs are easy to maintenance, and this time, we’re keeping the straight iron at home. The new take on side bangs is about embracing your hair’s natural texture and keeping it simple.

hair by  Sarah

hair by Sarah